Art deco interior design
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Art deco interior design

by Vladyslav Varizhuk

When it comes to interior design, it's not uncommon for people to take inspiration from a certain period or aesthetic movement. However, there is one specific style that gained favor in the first fifty years of the 20th century that has lasted well over the years. During the second half and the 1930s, art deco swept the artistic world. Art deco interior has regained its prominence, after a brief period of decline.

The impact of this movement on popular culture has been the subject of several books and articles. From railway station architecture to advertising, the style may be found. In order to bring the time into their homes, they decorate with posters, paintings, and prints that are symbolic of it. This is the height of grandeur and refinement. Unlike previously introduced designs, the clean geometric lines, brilliant chrome, and quirky materials made it stand out. Black & white zebra stripe designs were used in the early instances of this style, but other colors were added subsequently.

In fact, some people think that the early 1920s discovery of King Tut's tomb, which was embellished with numerous aspects that subsequently influenced art deco painters, was the impetus for the rise of art deco. The International Exposition of Modern Industrial & Decorative Art, which took place in Paris in 1925, is generally acknowledged as the genesis of the art deco movement. In addition to showing off European architecture, this exhibition had a far-reaching influence on fashion and style across the world.

The style lasted into the 1940s as an artistic trend. Art deco was not well known or alluded to during this period. Until 1968, when the historian called Bevis Hillier invented the phrase "Art Deco of the 20s & 30s" in his book, he hadn't been widely recognized.

For a long period, the style was out of favor, but it reemerged in prominence in the 1980s. While watching the police drama Miami Vice, viewers could witness a prominent example of the renowned architectural style in action. There was a huge demand for opulent and daring designs. To this day, the look is still in vogue. Bakelite telephones in a range of hues from the 1930s are now being sold at auction for large sums of money. In the same way, major websites offering home décor items are also offering copies in retro style based on ideas initially released in the 1930s. 

Art deco furnishings from the 1920s and 30s may command high prices from those who want to decorate their houses in this style. A considerable industry for art deco reproductions has sprouted up, yet some people prefer to take advantage of it. From chairs and tables to mirrors and chandeliers, you can now find a wide variety of items designed in the art deco style to decorate your home. Figurines, ceramics, and lovely glass vases from the time period are also highly popular as home decor accents. Art deco interior design continues to be a popular choice even in a tough economic climate.